The iOS app that helps you store your costume collection.

Digitize Your Costume Collection

Store Your Collection

Costumize helps you digitize your costume collection and stores them all in one easy to access place.

Sort Your Costumes

Costumize allows user to sort and search by the name of the costume, or the color of the costume.

Add New Costumes

Adding a new costume is just one button way, allowing you to quickly add new costumes to your collection.

Organize It All

Create folders to organize your costumes anyway you want. You can also easily move costumes around from one folder to another.

Search to Find Your Costume

Costumize has great search functionality making it easy to find the specific costume or folder you are looking for.

Delete Costumes

You can easily slide to delete any costume you want.

Easily Add New Costumes to Your Collection

Add Multiple Photos

Costumize allows users to add multiple images of their costume when adding a new costume to their collection.

Add Important Information

When adding a new costume, costumize will ask the user to input important information about the costume. This will help the user to better track their costume collection.

Orginze Your Costume in Folders

Sort Your Costumes in Folders

Costumize gives users the ability to create folders to gain a deeper layer of organization. Many users will use this feature to store their costumes based on the different events they will be used for. You can even have a folder in another folder!

Move Costumes from Folder to Folder

Costumize allows users to easily move their costumes in and out of fodlders, giving them full control over how their collection is sorted.

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