The iOS app that helps you store your sports card collection.

Digitize Your Card Collection

Store your Collection

Cardstock helps you digitize your baseball card collection and store It all in one easy to access place.

Find the Value of Your Cards

Cardstock works with to find an approximate value for each of your cards.

Add New Cards

Adding a new card is just one button way, allowing you to quickly add new cards to your collection.

Organize it All

Cardstock allows you to sort or group your cards by many different attributes. You can also create folders to organize your cards anyway you want.

Search to Find Your Card

Cardstock has a dedicated page for searching through your card collection to quickly find any card you are looking for.

Fill Out Checklists

Cardstock lets you create or add checklists and utilize your collection to track your progress.

Easily Add New Cards to Your Collection

Scan in Your New Cards

Cardstock uses Apple's built-in scan functionality to make sure every card you add to your collection has a crisp scanned image.

Automatic Card Information Detection

Every time a card is scanned, Cardstock searches it and records any useful information found.

Find Your Card's Value

Cardstock works with to bring you an estimate on your card's worth.

Watch Your Card's Value Rise

You can view previous sales of your card and compare them to what your card is selling at now to make an informed decision on when to sell your card.

Filter Your Searches

Cardstock allows you to filter your similar card results by different categories like price high to low and price low to high.

Track Your Progress with Checklists

Create Your Own or Add Already Created Checklists

Cardstock allows you to build custom checklists from scratch or find already created checklists that match your card collection.

Easily Fill Out Your Checklists

Cardstock will automatically add cards from your collection that fit your checklists. You can also manually add items and connect them to cards.

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